Mean Well led driverlarla ilgili sıkça sorulan sorular

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1 How do you select suitable MW LED power supply?
2 What are the most common LED driving methods? What are its advantages and disadvantages?
3 What to consider when selecting LED power supply?
4 For a particular LED lighting design, each LED strip consists of 12 LEDs connected in series (VF = 3.5V), 
4 strips in parallel, and each strip requires 0.7A of drive current.  Based on the above conditions, 
how do you select a suitable power supply?
5 Same LED configuration as in question 4 with the exception of additional driver ICs.  What is a suitable power supply unit to use?
6 What are CV, CC, and CV+CC which are often mentioned in LED power supply specification?
7 Why is that LED lamp designed with LED driver IC may sometimes cause power supply startup failure? (Output voltage gets clamped by LEDs and cannot rise to rated level)
8 Why is that during LED power supply operation the LED sometimes varies in brightness or flickers?
9 Can LED power supplies be connected in parallel?
10 LED lamp used in lighting application must meet what level of harmonic current and THD?
11 Is it possible to run into EMI problems when using MW LED power supply?  
How to go about solving such problems?
12 What surge level can MW LED power supply withstand?
13 Does MW LED power supply allow adjustment of output voltage and current levels?
14 How does the dimming functions on ELN-30/60-XXD(P) work?
15 What does the IP level found on MW LED power supply mean (i.e. CLG-100 = IP67)?
16 To design a LED street lamp, what solution can MEAN WELL offer?
17 What is the current accuracy of LED SPS?
18 What will happen if dimming input falls below 1V for SPS with 3-in-1 dimming function?
19 Is it possible to connect DIM- to V- when using the dimming function?
20 Can an IP67 SPS with plastic case be used in outdoor?
21 Can I use LED strings with different Vf on the same LED SPS?
22 The LED SPS has a potentiometer for output current adjustment. But why the output current is not adjustable after my LEDs are connected to the LED SPS?


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